Mens Rights Activists harm mens issues with their anger

This is why the Daily Mail’s articles centred on crying men are not only harmful, but are part of the murderous system that make men feel like they must act a certain way, or consider themselves to be lesser.

It promotes a stoicism that leads to the bottling up of emotions and lack of emotional ties between men that would allow them to open up and communicate when life gets too much.

These articles are often ignored by the misogynistic men’s rights activists, too. Due to their focus on attacking women, they have sullied any conversation about issues facing men, thanks to how vocal and vicious they are.

To be an activist for the bettering of masculinity, the finger should be pointed at articles shaming men for expressing themselves, and not at women who have many fights to overcome. We can fight together against gender norms and gender oppression.

By not talking about issues that face men in an open and mature manner, we let the men’s rights activists dominate the public perception of activism needed within masculinity.