Trauma and Dissociation

Danny’s visible, outward behavior starts with a internal ‘trigger’. It’s unseen to us, but it’s a powerful sensation and an overwhelming force engraved in Danny’s life.

.Danny’s developmental trauma memories relate to his mom. Her dangerous, illegal street-activities, her punishment of him with extended, icy-cold showers, her angry beatings of him and his siblings, his insecurity and fear when she was taken away to be incarcerated. There is also his absent father: read “more ‘fear of abandonment.’” Then add fear and the chronic vigilance required in Danny’s drug-infested, crime-riddled neighborhood.

Neuroscience tell us that everyone’s brain builds “associations” or connections. Normally, inputs from our five senses get connected to events(with time and place) and then stored.

We call the stored associations ‘memories’, explicit memories.