Pimp offering to supply him with a six-year-old boy


Michael Quinn, 33, an IVF geneticist from Melbourne, was caught in May in LA in a sting set up by US authorities who posed as paedophiles and a pimp offering to supply him with a six-year-old boy to rape for $US250 ($A330).

Quinn, who played for the Melbourne Chargers, wept throughout his sentencing and claimed it was the first time he had attempted to prey on a child. “If you give me a second chance I won’t let you down,” he told US district court judge John Walter. Quinn’s lawyer had asked for 10 years.

Walter sentenced Quinn to the term prosecutors had asked for. The veteran judge described Australian’s desire to attend what Quinn believed was a paedophile party at an LA hotel room and pay a pimp to allow him to rape a young boy as “absolutely disgusting”, “ghastly” and “despicable”.

The party was a sting set up by undercover US authorities who had been communicating with Quinn online for several weeks in Melbourne before he departed on a rugby trip to the US with some of his Chargers team-mates.

“Aussie perv, heading to the US late May/June interested to meet others while I’m there. LA, Nashville, NYC,” Quinn posted on a social media site used by paedophiles.