Savile, Ailes, Trump, Cosby: common theme here is entitlement–a-new-holy-space

Former Italian premier Berlusconi, ex-French presidential hopeful Strauss-Kahn, and Fox News’s now ex-boss Ailes share with Trump a remarkable lack of physical attractiveness and a lot of weary years, but their women must be young, and ever younger. Trump cuts women off at 35, half his age. He says they don’t rate after that, yet fortunately he does. It must be the money.

Berlusconi’s bunga bunga parties, where women were hired to have sex with him and his cronies, were popular, but an under-age girl proved to be a mistake; justice has no sense of fun. Strauss-Kahn was the go-to man if orgies were your thing. Due to misunderstandings about sophistication, and a protesting American hotel maid, he also fell from grace. As for Ailes, many years of sexually propositioning female employees finally cost him his job at Fox, which goes to show what misery can be caused when women turn an old man down.

The common theme here is entitlement, which is where Jimmy Savile, a weirdo and creep beloved of the British for unfathomable reasons, had free rein with sick children in British hospitals, and young girls living in what was euphemistically called “care”. His fame and fundraising meant other adults turned their backs and left him to it.