Leadership: someone who is steady and composed when faced with challenges


Having a good temperament for leadership has come to be associated with someone who is steady and composed when faced with challenges. They rise above the fray and don’t take the bait when others try to lure them from their goals. In a recent exploration of this critical presidential trait with historians, the Christian Science Monitor wrote that the best presidents “had a certain sense of equanimity and confidence that keeps them from being buffeted by bad press or low public ratings. They’ve had a certain joie de vivre that kept them from wallowing in anger or resentment. Liking people is important. So is resilience in the face of adversity.”

Trump’s supporters are worried about his temperament. In a recent Pew Research Center survey, Trump’s character and personality were mentioned much more often than any other concern among his own fans. Four in ten registered voters who support Trump said personality was their primary concern, and 34 percent specifically mentioned “his temperament or speaking style,” Pew noted.