Complaint of 1977 sexual abuse will make it easier for other men to come forward

A man says he hopes his complaint of historical sexual abuse by a female teacher in the 1970s will make it easier for other men to come forward.

The Education Council’s disciplinary tribunal said the sexual activity between 1977 and 1979 was not illegal, but the woman’s actions amounted to serious misconduct.

It said it had deregistered the woman, who was a certificated teacher and had held academic positions.

The man told RNZ he was satisfied with the decision, but unhappy with aspects of the case.

He said he believed it would have been dealt with more seriously by the police and the tribunal if it had involved a female student and a male teacher; and he was disappointed that the woman had not apologised to him.

The man and his wife told RNZ that people believed the negative effects of sexual abuse of teenage boys by women were not significant.