What do you want to forget?

Many of us wonder how we can forget the past and all the painful memories that come along with it. If only amnesia was an option, or maybe some kind of magic pill to make us forget certain events in our lives. Perhaps this is where drugs or alcohol came into your life.

Painful memories always seem to be the toughest for us to leave behind. This really boils down to the fact that you cannot forget your past. Stuffing or ignoring your feelings doesn’t work. Waiting for an apology postpones your happiness. And waiting for time to heal your wounds, proves fruitless.

Forgetting is NOT an option. Healing is about learning to accept the past. You don’t have to like it, nor do you have to believe that it is okay. You have to reach a point where you acknowledge it is a part of you. Your goal is to neutralize the story from the past so that it loses its power over you. It becomes transparent, with no meaning and no effect.