Trump blames victims of sexual harrassment

It all started when Kirsten Powers of USA Today asked Donald Trump about the other appalling, victim-blaming comments he’s made about the more than 20 women, including former anchor Gretchen Carlson, who said they were sexually harassed by former Fox CEO Roger Ailes.

Trump said last month that he felt “very badly” for Ailes, but didn’t mention feeling badly for the women. He said Ailes has “helped” those women in their careers, and suggested that the women are lying because they wrote “wonderful things” about Ailes in books — until now, “all of a sudden,” they’re saying “horrible things.”

“There was quite a bit of fabulous things said [about Ailes by Gretchen Carlson],” Trump told Powers when she asked him about those other comments. “It would be easier for me and more politically correct for me to say you are right. But you would think she wouldn’t say those things.”

Powers pointed out that other women have come forward besides Carlson. Trump said he didn’t know that — which means he’s either lying or has a uniquely terrible memory, since he was talking about multiple women just over a week ago.