Sharing a bit of themselves with whoever chooses it next

Coffee typically comes with something like a pastry rather than a psychotherapy session, but a unique cafe in Seongbuk District, northeastern Seoul, is trying to change that.

The Feeling Store, which first opened in August 2013, offers various ways for customers to get in touch with their emotions while sipping their latte.

One key program is the Feeling Box, an exhibition of 40 different boxes labeled with emotions like “afraid” or “brave.” Customers are encouraged to pick one and reflect on that feeling through the three questions written inside.

In the “regret” box, for instance, the three questions are: Why did I select this feeling? What do I want to tell the next person that selects this box? What’s my own definition of regret?

Customers can write their answers on a piece of paper and place it back inside the box, sharing a bit of themselves with whoever chooses it next.