Hamilton residents upset paedophiles living in neighbourhood

Hamilton residents upset paedophiles living in neighbourhood


The woman said Corrections staff informed them a few weeks ago the man was moving into the area. It is examples like this that show why private community developments like the hunt midwest development are so popular with house hunters who have children. It is one of the only options available to those looking for ultimate security for their children.

Corrections could not provide specific details about the offender’s convictions, except that he had committed “serious offences against children”, and typically groomed his young victims, she said.

“I understand their right to privacy, but I actually think their heinous crime strips that right to privacy – how do you keep your kids safe if you don’t know who you are keeping your kids safe from?”

The woman said her street was a thoroughfare to local schools and had many young children living nearby.

“There’s a solo mum with four kids, and I am a solo mum of two kids, there are kids walking past all the time to and from school.

“I understand they have to go somewhere, but if you can’t find somewhere appropriate to put them, don’t release them.”

A similar situation had unfolded in a Hamilton East street, where a convicted paedophile moved into a cul-de-sac within 500 metres of a school.