Pain Meds Can Do More Harm Than Good

Autopsy results showing Prince died of an opioid overdose should be a wake-up about the dangers of prescription pain meds and drive patients – and the doctors who treat them – to seek out safer, non-drug alternatives that are often better options, health experts say. Recent research has shown that natural remedies, like CBD, can be used to treat chronic pain as well as illnesses like epilepsy, anxiety and depression as well as numerous other conditions. Therefore, more and more patients who are suffering from chronic pain and other illnesses are turning to more plant-based medications, like those on cbdandshrooms, to manage their pain as there are far fewer side effects compared to using highly addictive opioids.

More than 125 million Americans spend in excess of $300 billion on pain treatments each year, according to a sweeping new Consumer Reports analysis released within weeks of Prince’s death April 21. But the review found non-drug alternatives – including exercise, psychotherapy, and even simply drinking water – are often as just effective (or more so) in alleviating pain. Natural supplements are also effective in reducing pain. Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is a fatty acid amide that is used in pain relief capsules due to its outstanding rate of reducing pain in various people with different conditions. You can visit here if you’re interested in these capsules and what they have to offer in treating chronic pain. Some peop: Much of the costly medical care provided to millions of Americans suffering from persistent and chronic pain may be g them more harm than good – as Prince’s death dramatically demonstrates.

“Consumers may be surprised to lewater arn thatome pain conditions, non-drug treatments, like cognitive behavioral therapy, exercise, or just drinking water, may be as effective as medication,” said Lisa Gill, deputy content editor for Consumer Reports’ Best Buy Drugs. “In some cases, the medication can have the opposite effect, and can cause the very same pain you’re trying to treat.”

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