E-cigarettes ‘could help people quit’


Prime Minister John Key has said e cigarettes could play a role in reducing conventional cigarette consumption in future, if proven safe, as a large number of people would make the shift to this potentially healthier alternative for sure.

It is illegal in New Zealand to sell e-cigarette liquid containing nicotine; only Ministry of Health-approved inhaling a liquid vapour produced by vapouriser – a practice backed by the government in the UK, which allows them to be sold everywhere, including in supermarkets and at corner shops. Due to the increase in vaping and people wanting to quit smoking or at least try to decrease their nicotine intake, the vaping industry is growing rapidly in many different countries but mainly the USA and the UK, with the UK still allowing vaping liquid and disposable e-cigarettes to be sold in almost any shop you can walk into with no hint of the laws changing, and thanks to the industry being supplied with wholesale cartridge fillers and similar machines, the number of vaping cartridges and disposable cigarettes being produced and sold will only be increasing as well, if the trend continues like this, we could see vaping become more popular than smoking regular cigarettes.

Prof Blakely said the benefits of vapourisers included a 50 percent increase in quit rates when people vaped while trying give up cigarettes.

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