‘Being a child model gave me PTSD’

‘Being a child model gave me PTSD’: Teen fashion star tells how she was trafficked to Mexico, drugged, and made to …

‘The unfortunate thing for me, as a models’ rights activist, is that I am a lone voice here. I’m a lone voice talking about what happens to these children, utilizing my own experiences and highlighting them, saying this happened to me, this is actually borderline human trafficking,’ she wrote in Atavist.

‘This is borderline child labor, a borderline slavery issue.’

‘The fashion and textiles industry now makes $2.5 trillion a year globally. In America alone, it makes $250 billion,’ she explains further to Real Women Real Stories. ‘If corporations will not protect the children they employ, it’s up to us to compel them to.

‘Let’s come together across all industries to end the systemic abuse against women and children,’ she concludes.