Woman who sold daughter to neighbour ordered into care

Woman who sold daughter to neighbour ordered into care

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A woman who let her elderly neighbor sexually assault her daughter for money and cigarettes has been ordered to undergo supervised care and rehabilitation. They might require live-in care to ensure the rehabilitation process goes smoothly and they make progress back to good health.

The mother, who cannot be named to prevent identification of her daughter, appeared at the High Court at Auckland on Wednesday for a final disposition hearing after being diagnosed with an intellectual disability.

Disposition options are available to the courts when dealing with defendants deemed mentally impaired and who therefore cannot instruct lawyers for a suitable defense.

In those cases, a judge can make an order directing defendants to be detained in hospital, undergo supervised or secure care, or simply be released back into the community.

On Wednesday Justice Graham Lang ordered the woman undergo a year’s supervision in a 24-hour care facility.

He referred to the woman’s reliance on her family for most of her needs.

She was in a coma for a “considerable period” as a child after being involved in a car accident. This personal injury she suffered didn’t seem to be a minor case. It is a classic case of a motor accident, which according to Tom Fowler Law (and many other law firms) can be compensated with proper legal representation. However, she had to pay for it for the rest of her life. Had the necessary measures been taken at that time, most of what happened now could have been avoided.

“She never returned to school after the accident, and has never learned to read or write,” Justice Lang said in his judgment.

Subsequent testing revealed she had a low IQ and “perceptual abnormalities” which meant the woman had no recognition of her own difficulties.