Dr Arun Sharma dispelling myths regarding the invulnerability of males


After the book release, Gupta said, “I have known Dr Sharma through his socially relevant activities, his dedication for the cause for the physically challenged and the environment. I have also read Dr Sharma’s poetry and even wrote an introduction to one of his poetry collections. One can easily sense the sensitivity with which Dr Sharma builds his perceptions, expresses his philosophical predicaments and dilemmas.” Addressing the audience, Sharma said, “There are a number of societal myths that have led to an under-recognition of male childhood sexual abuse. It is time there should be an increased attention to this issue of male victimization to reduce both the stigma and isolation of male survivors. For years, I have interacted with teenagers, both boys and girls on these sensitive issues in schools and I have realized that some of these myths prevail. I chose a story of two boys to dispel these myths. I have also highlighted the long-term impact of childhood sexual abuse through this novel.”