Late in Life Virgins

A 2008 study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that people who lost their virginity at age 22 were more likely to report sexual problems than people who had sex around 17, a “normative” period to lose one’s virginity. This study may be concerning to some, but I would like to remind these men that they are never too old to discover new moves in the bedroom that will make up for their lack of experience. Men want to have a great sex life and every guy wants to be the best in bed and think they’re some sort of porn star that can be seen on sites like and it’s such a shame when they can’t perform how they want to. When men speak up and talk about their problems, not only does it help them, it also helps other men who could be going through the same thing. Issues reported involved struggling to reach an orgasm, struggling to become aroused, and struggling to maintain an erection, these issues can be solved with the use of enhancement pills such as this bio maca supplement. The sexual issues were more pronounced in men who waited until later in life to have sex, but the study also pointed out that having sex early in life can have negative consequences too.

“Early sexual debut is associated with certain long-term negative sexual health outcomes, including increased sexual risk behaviors and problems in sexual functioning,” the paper reads. “Late initiation was also associated with sexual problems, especially among men.”