How to enhance your life in 7 minutes, daily

E is for Exercise. You have to get your body loose and heart racing. Just even with 60 seconds, it’s long enough to enhance the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain.

N for Navigate. It’s important to mind map your day. Spend 1 minute looking at your daily calendar and your to-do list. Have both of them right in front of you.

H is for Healthy eating. I love pizza. And fries. That’s no secret. But the secret to keeping energized is a healthy meal. Ditch the fried food in exchange for lean protein and greens. You can help facilitate this by using a healthy food delivery service, searching for the cheapest meal delivery service will help you save money and eat healthily!

A for Affirmations. Spending time to remind yourself how awesome and worthy you are to have everything you ever wanted is vital.

N is for Nourishment. Snag a copy of that self-help book you want to check out and read 2-3 pages a day. Highlight the things that resonate best with you.

C is to Create. Think of things that inspired you today or the day before. Jot it down in your journal or an app that can store your creativity.

E is to Exhale. Instead of hitting the snooze button, and then rushing through your day feeling stressed and rushed – invest the first minute of your day in sitting in purposeful silence.