Emotional baggage

Despite its widespread existence, we spend a lot of time making excuses for our baggage. We defend our mistakes. We justify our mistakes. We run and hide from our baggage. In actuality, we simply need to accept our shortcomings.

People tend to either sweep emotional baggage under the rug by pretending it doesn’t exist, or react negatively by withdrawing, feeling hopeless or behaving angrily. Many times people try to deceive themselves into thinking their baggage doesn’t need to be dealt with or that it will go away on its own. Neither one is true.

When you think about your emotional triggers you are better equipped to handle situations that arise. It is important for you to find a sense of hope and a willingness to heal from whatever in your past is troubling you. The key to dealing with emotional baggage is to be aware of it, know it, own it, and handle it so that it doesn’t interfere with important relationships moving forward.

You have two choices: Continue “as is” by dragging your baggage around with you from relationship to relationship (the very reason it continues to accumulate and spill over into multiple aspects of your life), or use the opportunity to learn from your past.