9 ways to get your best sleep ever

Try Sleeping Naked: I don’t know about you, but this did wonders for me. Sleeping naked helped me feel much more at ease and unrestrained in bed, and definitely contributed to better sleep. If you’ve tried sleeping naked and it didn’t work for you, try investing in a good pair of men’s pyjamas or, as they say in France, pyjamas homme. Silk pyjamas are a good way to feel naked without actually being naked, so if you tend to get chilly in the night, they’ll keep you warm and help you stay asleep.

Keep the Devices Away: If possible, put your computers and gadgets in another room. Maybe it is psychological but the mere presence of these gadgets in my sleeping environment often stresses me out.

Get an Eye Mask: I live in a rented apartment where the curtains do not block out the morning sunlight completely. Try wearing an eye mask to eliminate all kinds of light to make you fall asleep.

Ensure Security: When you’re not completely comfortable in your own home, you’re not going to get as much sleep as you should. If you feel like your home could get more safe than it currently is, you might want to consider checking out something like a home security camera to monitor activity inside or outside your home and deter any potential trespassers or burglars.

Deal with Smoke Smells: If you live with a neighbor or roommate who smokes, it can significantly affect your sleep quality. I used to think it was not an issue until I finally managed to get rid of that lingering smoke smell. My housemate still smokes four packs a day, but at least I got myself the best air purifier for smoke I could find. I’d recommend you to have a look around at different air purifiers if you want to deal with smoke smells or odours. You can take a look at air purifier first to get an idea of some different air purifiers that are on the market, and hopefully help you to find the best one that suits you. Furthermore, it is no secret that cleaning and servicing your air conditioning system is a great way to prevent a build-up of unpleasant smells that can impact the quality of your sleep. If your air conditioning system could benefit from a service, an HVAC specialist such as One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can help rid your system of dust and allergens which can produce odours. For more information head to the One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning website here.

No Coffee or Alcohol Before Bed: Caffeine and alcohol will both hurt your sleep quality. Try to cut them out at least four hours before bedtime.