Hangover treatment clinic

Traditional home remedies include drinking water to rehydrate the body and help dilute impurities, aspirin to relieve the throbbing headache and burnt toast to add carbon the stomach and filter impurities. Other home remedies include everything from eating ginger to drinking more. Even using these methods, it can take 8 to 24 hours to relieve symptoms.

According to a 3 News report, The Hangover Clinic in Sydney treats patients with intravenous fluids and an alcohol-free vitamin cocktail for 30 minutes. The cost? $140.

For those who are really hung-over and need a bit more help, the clinic provides two liters of intravenous fluids and the vitamin cocktail along with oxygen therapy over the course of an hour for $200.

If the whole group of party-goers is experiencing a horrible hangover, they can walk into the clinic together and use the VIP lounge for group recovery. The idea behind treating a hangover with IV fluids has some logic behind it. The quickest way to treat dehydration and rehydrate the body is intravenously and since most hangover systems are due to the diuretic effects of alcohol, treating the dehydration should relieve the hangove

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