‘I am HIV-positive’ – Charlie Sheen admits he has been paying millions to keep people quiet


“We’re talking about shakedowns. I have paid those people. Not that many, but enough. What people forget is that’s money they’re taking from my children,” Sheen told Lauer. “They think it’s just me, but I’ve got five kids and a granddaughter. … I release myself from this prison today.”

Sheen said depression over his condition led him to drug and alcohol use, “making a lot of bad decisions” that resulted in hiring more prostitutes who could blackmail him.

“That part I own, 100 per cent,” Sheen said.

He told Lauer he led with “condoms and honesty” with all of his sexual partners, and it “couldn’t be farther from the truth” that he threatened the health of many others – he said it was impossible that he had transmitted the disease to anyone else. Sheen said that he had unprotected sex with two partners, but both were warned ahead of time and under a doctor’s care. Sheen said that before sexual activity, he had told all of his partners that he is HIV-positive.