South Auckland UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt reveals childhood abuse

“That meant no school for three weeks, so that was okay,” he laughs. “My old man was ruthless. He terrorised us. He’d start with the mental games before he even found the implements to hit us with. He once tied me up in the garage with my hands above my head and beat me with a frigging broom handle. I got away and my brothers came after me. They said fucking get back there or we’re all gonna get it.”

Despite regular beatings from his father, Hunt got off relatively lightly compared to his older sister Victoria. His sister recollected the twelve years of rape and sexual abuse she went through before moving out at the age of 18.

“It happened nearly every day,” she says. “If I refused to have sex with my father he would take it out on my brothers. I mothered Mark; he was the youngest and I was his protector, there was no one else.”