Make Your Own Life Happen

Clean start

Armed with a bottle of Handy Andy™, she made her first approach to a working mum who was unhappy with her usual cleaner. Her client was delighted with the results.

From there Patrice steadily built up client numbers, more mums, and some elderly clients needing her spic-and-span finesse. With her business growing steadily, Patrice welcomed the new clients and business. However, there are ways that she could consider increasing her clientele even more. Through online marketing, more people could learn about her services. There are many methods available to increase online marketing, however, one of the most impactful methods is probably SEO from companies like Victorious. Maybe Patrice should consider building her online visibility with online marketing.

It wasn’t long before Dream Team Clean Ltd was born. With invaluable support and mentoring from her accountant, Enable Business’s Sam Ogle, she worked her way toward independence. Her accountant, similar to those from Accounting firms in Melbourne, was able to encourage her to chase her passion within a reasonable manner, increasing her chances of success. Work and Income adjusted her benefit according to her income and in March 2014 she canceled her benefit altogether.

“Watching her create a business purely on the back of her determination to change her life circumstances, and having the opportunity to help her shape and grow that business have been fantastic,” says Sam.

At first margins were slim and Patrice invested much of her income in purchasing new cleaning products and equipment, like a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to make cleaning between spaces consistant and easier to deal with. And when she needed staff she paid a visit to her work broker, Andrea.