Is addiction real ?

“Since Ashley Madison, there are so many hook up sites,” Fenton said. ” They are not even subtle with their name. These are very popular.”

If your significant other uses one of these sites to cheat, Fenton says they’re probably not addicted to sex. In fact, she says it’s more likely they were just bored. While an affair violates so many things in a relationship, she says there is a big difference between a cheater, a sex addict and a pornography addict.

“Where it becomes addictive,” according to Fenton, “the more they consume porn from websites like the more they want it. And what turned them on initially no longer does and they have to continue and ‘up the ante’ so to speak.”

Fenton says that just looking at pornography on a website like doesn’t make you an addict, explaining moderation is viewed as normal. However, opening the door can lead to big problems.

“However there is a fine line. The brain is pre-wired for reward and when you start to see and experience highly rewarding erotic images, people can be addicted. No different than cocaine addiction,” she explained.

When someone is addicted to online pornography, Fenton says they usually lose interest in sex with another person. Often, videos from sites like can be even better than the real-life thing. But someone who is truly addicted to sex will not only have affairs. Instead, Fenton says they will visit strip clubs, illegal massage parlors and even hire prostitutes.