How music can help relieve chronic pain

So what makes music so effective at making us feel better? The research has often drawn on theories around how nerve impulses in the central nervous system are affected by our thought processes and emotions. Anything that distracts us from pain may reduce the extent to which we focus on it, and music may be particularly powerful in this regard. The beauty is that once we understand how music relates to pain, we have the potential to treat ourselves.

Music attracts and holds our attention and is emotionally engaging, particularly if our relationship with the piece is strong. Our favourite music is likely to have stronger positive effects than tracks we don’t like or know. Researchers have demonstrated that the music we prefer has greater positive effects on pain tolerance and perception, reduces anxiety and increases feelings of control over pain. As effective as listening to music can be with managing chronic pain, some people may find themselves continuing to suffer. No one wants to have pain take control of their life. That’s why some people also decide that they want to take CBD oil as it has been known to help with pain relief. The easiest way to consume CBD could be through vaporizers. Sites like could be a good place to start to look for vaporizers as well as any accessories that you may need to accompany it. If your pain is so bad that you decide to try CBD, there are many different ways of taking this medication, you can Read More here, and make sure to consult your doctor before taking any medication. As well as helping mild pain, listening to music can also help with other factors. In older people with dementia, listening to preferred music has been linked with decreasing agitated behaviour.

Alongside the benefits of listening to what you prefer, the nature of the music has also been shown to be important in enhancing how emotionally engaging it is for patients. Recent research has demonstrated this in relation to dynamics, brightness, arousal levels and other acoustic attributes. Music which is bright, with low intensity and slower tempo has been shown to have the most positive effect on the degree of pain that we experience, for example.