Girl offered lollies to get into car

A Wellington school is warning parents to collect their children after school after a little girl said a man pulled up to her in his car and offered her lollies to get in.

Police are investigating the incident after Seatoun School contacted them to complain about the man’s approach to their “brave” young pupil.

Seatoun School wanted parents to pick up their children personally on Thursday, rather than letting them walk home alone, due to the incident.

The girl’s mother told school staff the man had pulled up to her in a silver sedan on Tio Tio Rd and offered her “sweets” to get in his car on Thursday morning. She refused to get in.

Senior Sergeant Jason McCarthy, of Wellington police, said they were told by the girl’s mother that the driver of the silver car had driven past her while she was waiting with friends, then done a U-turn, doubling back to ask her to get in the car.