Bristlecone Project: men overcome trauma

Male rape and other forms of sexual abuse is as common among men as it is for women, especially child sexual abuse. And while women can and do talk to each other about such experiences sometimes, it can get difficult for a man to open up about such experiences. It is often considered ‘unmanly’ if a male tells you he’s been violated in some way. But it is really not so. The Bristlecone Project has stepped in to explain to men just that – that it’s OK to share their traumatic experiences.

Opening up about something helps you overcome trauma or a tragedy, and that’s where this special project steps in. Their aim is to help men deal with the sexual abuse they suffered in childhood. This process will help them heal for sure. (No one comes running when young boys cry RAPE, says survivor Kevin Kantor! Watch video)
“Unwanted and abusive sexual experiences in childhood affect men across categories defined by race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, culture, religion and other characteristics and traits. We are committed to making the Bristlecone Project inclusive of men from a broad range of identities,” says the Project