Campaign under way to back Chris Brown’s entry to NZ

Dame Tariana said she would write to the Immigration Minister in support of Brown.

But her comments have dismayed Tiaria Fletcher, from Waitakere Anti-Violence Essential Services (WAVES) in west Auckland.

“I’ve come away feeling very frustrated, very concerned at how within Māoridom, as a Māori woman, we continue to give a voice to those who have perpetrated violence against women.

“Violence against their partners – their wives – and we seem to afford them a level of mana and compassion and forgiveness.

“I think there’s a price you pay before you turn around and become the messenger that supposedly can inform and influence our young people,” she said.

Ms Fletcher said Chris Brown still had a long way to go before he “earned the right” to come into New Zealand and give messages to rangatahi.

“I think there’s another message that Tariana Turia is missing – and that message is the bigger message about us as a country saying ‘no’ to family violence.

“As a country we have amongst the worst family violence statistics in the world, and as Māori, family violence statistics are devastating for us,” she said.