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Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust Waikato (MSSAT Waikato) is a survivor-focused and led Charitable Trust.

Sexual Abuse of children in New Zealand is prevalent; this abuse is committed on both our girl and boy children. The impacts for both males and females may become serious and lifelong; negatively affecting self, families, others and day to day life.

We are here at MSSAT Waikato especially for the specific needs of our male youth and adult survivors.

Here at MSSAT Waikato we also offer support to male victims of physical, emotional and mental abuse. Physical abuse is often the easiest form of abuse to identify for ourselves. When someone hits or threatens you or those around you this is physical abuse. Emotional and mental abuse is far easier to brush aside, disbelieve or be confused about.

If you feel afraid for yourself or others, feel like you are constantly being pushed into things you would rather not do, controlled, watched or often end up feeling like a terrible person this may be because you and your significant person are in an abusive pattern. Abusive relationships can occur to men, women and children and they can cost us our happiness, our goals and our dreams, but it costs nothing to give us at MSSAT Waikato a call.

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