Single women most likely to smoke and drink during pregnancy

“Of the 53 per cent (1063) women who reported that they drank any alcohol in the first trimester, 917 (86 per cent) stopped drinking by six weeks of pregnancy. Stopping drinking is likely to have corresponded with having a positive pregnancy test. So the large majority of these Auckland women are likely to have stopped drinking as soon as pregnancy was diagnosed.

“12 per cent of women reported that they were still drinking alcohol when seen by the SCOPE research team at 20 weeks of pregnancy and 95 per cent of these women were only having 1 to 2 units of alcohol weekly at this time.

“Women who were single and those who smoked cigarettes were more likely to drink during pregnancy. As there is no known safe level of alcohol use in pregnancy the best advice is not to drink alcohol in pregnancy.” It’s often better to be safe than sorry when you’re pregnant, so most people will avoid alcohol altogether. Whilst some will, others might not. Some new mothers have been known to drink a small amount during their pregnancy and their children have developed normally. This is up to the mother, but make sure you’re being sensible as you wouldn’t want anything to happen to your baby. To make sure your child is growing healthily, some mothers do prefer to keep a portable ultrasound with them. This can settle their minds when they’re worried about their child. Whilst these ultrasounds are beneficial, they can be expensive. Due to this, there are financing options online to help women fund this device. A lot of women find that portable ultrasounds are amazing for giving them peace of mind after they’ve had a drink, so it might be worthwhile. However, this is up to the mother.