More emotionally stable people earn more money

The result of this study though shows that the relationship between earnings and productivity is linked to personality. More conscientious and more emotionally stable participants earned a higher payment, as conscientious and emotionally stable workers do with wages in real life.

There were remarkable differences by gender. Women tended to be more neurotic than men – they were less stable emotionally, had more anxiety or mood changes. But it was their openness to new experiences – and not neuroticism – that hindered women’s performance compared to men. These women, who tend to be imaginative, artistic and intellectually oriented, obtained a lower payment in our experiment.

Finally, more extroverted women were also less productive, while the opposite was true for men. This is probably due to the fact that being an extrovert means different things for men and women and that each personality trait has different facets. For instance, extroverted men are usually more ambitious and assertive, whereas extroverted women tend to be sociable and gregarious.