Living in fear of black magic curses

So-called Hindu ‘witch doctors’ have some in the Auckland Indian community living in fear of black magic curses, with claims the issue is wide-spread and has been going on for decades.

Complaints have been rolling into NZME today after claims ‘healers’ in South Auckland have charged thousands of dollars in return for promised financial fortunes and love-life successes that don’t eventuate.

Kriti Yatri, 58, a victim of witch doctors, said the practice was common in Hamilton during the late 90s and today the Indian community was still too scared and embarrassed to come forward.

“How many people like me are out there, please don’t hide yourself, please come out, this is a problem for the whole of New Zealand,” the Mt Roskill man said.

Mr Yatri said he lost his home, business and marriage when he refused the services of a couple and their priest.