Alone at 57, a man makes new rules for living

I have just celebrated my 57th birthday thus I want to end my thoughts on an upbeat note. Long-term decreases in life satisfaction are what I shall avoid. I am 57 years young, with a lot of time left on earth. During the rest of my life, I plan to remain to be positive.
I will no longer have other people control how I feel and will cease living my life through someone else. This means I will not fall into the same trap I did with my first marriage. Whilst there was help available to get out of it (like those from, it was still a rough time to go through.
I will appreciate and build on what I have. Material goods do not mean much compared to a good and happy life.
I will find healthy ways to meet my needs. No one else can do it for me.
I will keep an open mind about everything so I can continue to learn. My thirst for knowledge and understanding will make me a better person.
I will take advantage of opportunities to continue growing emotionally and spiritually. It will make for a more fulfilling life.
I will be grateful for every moment. Life has so much to offer.
I will treasure my own value. My happiness and pride increase my self-worth.
All of these excellent values and life lessons shall be applied to my life right now and with my future wife. I still believe in marriage, it just has to be with someone that has the same positive views about life, including what makes a marriage work. When that day comes, my heart will be hers.

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