We focus on the sexual exploitation of children

There is commonly a lack of information and understanding about the prevention of sexual exploitation of children. It is our hope that through visiting us here you will learn more of the startling facts and the complex issues that surround the sexual abuse of children.

We hope too that you will be inspired to become an advocate for children and their protection from sexual abuse. As you read and learn of our commitment through Our Vision and Mission; our experience commencing some 25 years ago with a single Kiwi man through Our History; and of our global networking through our membership in ECPAT International we want you to become part of who we are and what we stand for.

Standing for “Ending Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Child Trafficking for Sexual Purposes”, Child ALERT (ECPAT NZ) is the only organisation in New Zealand whose sole focus is to address the sexual exploitation of children.

Child ALERT (ECPAT NZ) is the New Zealand member of the ECPAT International network of agencies established in 1990 and now in 75 countries around the world.

Child ALERT is committed to the prevention of sexual exploitation of children. We work in cooperation with key government and sector groups involved in the areas of child sexual exploitation and hence, work closely with government, law enforcement agencies, the internet and tourism industries, NGOs and individuals. We also network with children’s rights and child welfare agencies in New Zealand and around the world.

Child ALERT is governed by a Board of Trustees assisted by an advisory network composed of professionals with appropriate expertise. Our office in Auckland has one full time and two part time staff members and several volunteers who work on regional projects. The office maintains a library of newspaper and journal clippings, videos and books. These resources are available on request.