Mens Shed North Shore

Sheds, according to Professor Barry Golding from the University of Ballarat, are not only crucially important to the health and well-being of older men but they also provide a place for them to socialize and share their knowledge and skills. If men haven’t got a community shed in their area, there’s no reason as to why you can’t start one. Looking at sheds in GA is a perfect place to start, to find your perfect shed that all men in the area can spend time and socialize at.

Many people perceive that life after work will be smooth sailing but unfortunately, says Golding, this is just not true.

By 2050 half of adult men won’t be working (many due to poor health) and by the age of 70 70% of these men will be illiterate. Therefore it appears that as we age life can become increasingly difficult, isolating and in some cases – depressing. Sadder still is the high suicide rate for older men.

This is where sheds come in. Some men buy the Best Shed for the Money and have their very own garden sanctuary and some choose to use a community shed, where they can spend time with others. Sheds do not treat men like clients, customers, or patients. They do not treat age as a deficit; there is no ageism. Sheds are a place where older men can rekindle their passion for life, where they can take advantage of opportunities, where they can make friends and share their experiences and where, ultimately, they can be happy.

The Men’s Shed North Shore welcome new members of all ages and if you are not too sure about joining then just come along and spend some time chatting with the chaps that are at the Shed. We have found that our members individually have variety of experience and as a combined team created a massive support group for whatever project you are involved in. Members can work on their own personal projects, give help and support to other members or be involved in a group project for other community organisations. Once they’ve rekindled their passion for life or a hobby that is close to home from using one of the community sheds, they can even have a look at different sheds for sale and build one in their own garden to continue their project at home. They could even have a shed custom made by using a 3d shed builder, so they could have one built similar to their local Shed. This is a fantastic project, and we look forward to seeing more and more people rekindling their passion life.

Mens Shed Northshore