2. It Doesn’t Have to Take More than a Few Minutes
There are no hard rules that your meditation session has to take 30 minutes. Who says you can’t be present and meditate when you have a few spare moments to yourself? While a daily formal practice is preferable, you can be present while you’re standing on line or waiting for a friend. You can incorporate meditation into your daily life any way that works for you.

3. It’s as Simple as Observing Your Breathing
While meditation can seem mysterious and obscure to someone who has never tried it before, it actually couldn’t be more simple. In Zen meditation, you simply observe your own breathing. You sit quietly and keep following and watching your breathing, as it goes in and out. In and out. And that’s basically it. Easy, right? However, your mind will wander, you and you’ll have to keep returning your awareness back onto your breathing. Simple, but not easy.