1 in 75 people with anxiety have panic attacks

Experts have yet to determine what definitively causes panic attacks or panic disorder more generally. There may be a genetic predisposition, according to the American Psychological Association, or a certain biological marker, although one has yet to be found. Some psychologists believe that emotional factors may also contribute to the phenomenon.

“Factors like personality, biology and the issues underlying your anxiety are going to shape the experience you have,” clinical psychologist Chloe Carmichael told Mic. “Many times, we experience panic because we’re in denial about things that are bothering us. This disconnection keeps us from addressing the issues, and so the tension keeps building until it erupts in the form of panic that we can’t quite source.”

They’re not life-threatening, but should still be taken seriously. This can be seriously debilitating for people who are trying to live normal lives but find themselves suffering deeply from something that can feel uncontainable. There have been ways shown that could help them which may work on their panic attacks, such as marijuana, CBD, etc. You can get marijuana preroll online if trying it out seems like it could be a type of alternative medicine that will help you.