Is stress is cumulative ?

This was frustrating. Why could I handle it for four or five weeks, but not longer than that?

Eventually I realized the issue: stress is cumulative. Three days per week was a pace I could sustain. When I added that fourth day in, the additional stress started to build and accumulate. At some point, the burden became too big and I would get exhausted or injured.

In extreme cases, like that of my professor, this snowball of stress can start to roll so fast that it pushes you to the brink of death. But it’s important to realize that cumulative stress is something that you’re dealing with even when it isn’t a matter of life or death. The stress of extra workouts or additional mileage. The stress of building a business or finishing an important project. The stress of parenting your young children or dealing with a bad boss or caring for your aging parents. It all adds up.

Stress has a way of worming its way in and not leaving, which is exactly why people turn to alternatives like CBD oil to help them when severe stress hits. For many, it provides an overall sense of calm that allows them to get some clarity back and deal with the stress effectively. CBD is a cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant and it has many health benefits, just like the very similar compound THC. As well as CBD oil and edibles, you can also try THC-infused edibles and oils as well, as they have a similar effect on the reduction of stress. However, it goes without saying that you should always talk to a medical professional first before trying to see how you can incorporate it into your life to help you to manage your stress in a healthy way.