How to master the art of creative laziness

The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, suggests that 20 percent of our efforts drive 80 percent of our results. Focus your time and energy on tasks that matter and give yourself permission to ignore or delete those that do not. And remember, not everything that needs to be done has to be completed right now.

— Ask yourself: Can someone else complete the task (aka can you outsource it)?

Don’t be a hero; not every task must and should be completed by you. As you begin each day, review your list of to-dos (which should now be shorter as you have eliminated unnecessary items) and consider whether someone else could complete any of the tasks as well as you, on your behalf. Delegate those tasks to others to free up personal time.

— Tackle your to-do list strategically.

Often, the most important tasks we need to complete during any given day are the ones that we most dread — and they’re usually the ones we avoid completing. Not only do we often avoid these tasks, we typically spend a great deal of time and energy fretting or thinking about these things.Begin your day completing the task(s) that are most critical to achieving success. Following this simple suggestion will not only free up additional time for you to enjoy being lazy, but will put you in a better state of mind throughout the remainder of your day.