Women make up 10 per cent of perpetrators

A blind Vietnamese orphan who was five when she came to Australia, 11 when she was sexually abused by a Catholic nun and 35 when she received $15,000 in compensation for her “personal trauma” has spoken out for the 10 per cent of people reporting female perpetrators to the child sexual abuse royal commission.

“I want people to know a small percentage of women are just as capable of abusing power as men are,” said Emma Pham, who was sexually abused by Dominican nun Sister Kay Fennell at the St Lucy’s School for the Visually Impaired at Wahroonga in 1979.

“She knew she could do what she did to me, so she did, and that’s the worst of it because I was so vulnerable, and so alone.”

Ms Pham came to Australia in 1972 from a Vietnamese orphanage after Catholic nuns organised a passport. Her guardian, a nun, enrolled her at St Lucy’s in 1973.Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/child-sexual-abuse-women-make-up-10-per-cent-of-perpetrators-reported-to-royal-commission-20140923-10kznh.html#ixzz3EArGIVzq