Child abuse

Where do we draw the line? When is spanking acceptable and where does it cross over into abuse? Adrian Peterson was taught how to raise children by his own father, and presumably his father was taught in the same manner and so on down the line. Hitting his children seems normal and acceptable to Adrian Peterson and so many others like him. At some point, even those who spank and believe it is appropriate to spank, have to agree that beating a child so severely with a switch that he is bruised and cut on his thighs, buttocks, ankles, back, and scrotum, is abusive.

So where is that line? How far is too far to go when spanking a child? How many hits are okay? How much force is necessary? How many blows does it take before the line is crossed into abuse? How severe is the mark before it is quantified as abusive and not just discipline? The questions are complicated but the answer is simple – don’t hit, don’t spank, don’t pop, smack, or beat your child. That makes it simple. No line to cross. No bodily harm. No lasting scars. Get educated. Learn the facts. Raise your parenting skills, not your parental hands. Discipline, of course, but not with a switch or a belt or a cord or a hand. No confusion, no worry. Don’t hit your children at all and there is no question of “where is the line?”