Better Blokes Workshop Guidelines

A workshop of this nature needs guidance in order to achieve its goals and to help members understand how the weekend works. All members on the workshop must agree to the following guidelines:

  • No comment to another man’s sharing during or after a session unless he asks for feedback, or unless you ask and he says yes to feedback.
  • Confidentiality must be maintained. No names or identifying information about members can be used outside the group.
  • Anyone who, as an adult, has sexually abused a child cannot attend the workshop.
  • Alcohol and other recreational, and or illicit drugs are not to be used immediately before or during the weekend. This rule must be agreed to before committing to this workshop.
  • Cigarette smoking is not permitted inside.
  • Members may not discriminate against each other and to the best of your ability give acceptance to each man’s: –
    – Racial and cultural identity.
    – Spirituality.
    – Belief system.
    – Sexual orientation.
  • On this weekend there is no dominant race, culture, sexual orientation, belief system or spiritual practice.
  • If you want to offer comfort to someone please ask how they would like you to show that support. Avoid uninvited physical contact.
  • Sessions will start on time, and late comers must enter quietly without disturbing others.
  • Sexualised contact with the other members during the weekend is to be avoided.
  • No violence between group members.
  • Members will take responsibility for themselves, their opinions and feelings by using “I” language. Generalisations about other groups or individuals in the community should be avoided where possible.
  • This is a sharing weekend – not for raging or screaming. Sharing about angry feelings is welcome here. If you need to do cathartic work with anger, this can be done outside of the weekend.
  • If you feel a guideline has been broken please say “Guidelines” and we will have an open group discussion.
  • If conflict arises between members during a session that is proving difficult to resolve, each man will be given an agreed time (5mins) to express their views without interruption or comment from other members. At the conclusion of this round members will indicate as to whether the session can continue as per the plan.
  • You may leave a session at any time but be aware a facilitator will check on your wellbeing.