Are You Bored?

Boredom is a state of weariness from being unoccupied or from lacking interest in our current activity. By disconnecting from our environment and connecting with our e-vironment we do not give boredom enough time to set in. Once dropped into our device we can always be occupied, and before we can tire of what is on the screen computer generated prediction algorithms recommend new content they know we will like. Games like Words with Friends advertise for more games like Dice with Buddies, our Facebook “news” feed links to what’s trending on Youtube, and “articles” like “The 38 Most Absolutely Absurd Things That Happen In Sharknado 2” suggests we read “The Top 10 Scientific Reasons to Eat More Pizza”. It is impossible to be bored while using a smartphone.

With the help of technology, humans have transformed into talented boredom avoiders. Professional time taker uppers. Skillful texters, tweeters and buzzfeeders. We have become such experts at mindlessly occupying our time that we have created a huge problem. When we choose to pass time in this fashion we are trading our shot at mindfulness for shots of mindlessness — our awareness for a never-ending distraction. If you are not convinced, ask yourself this: