Excerpt “Teacher censured over images”


An Auckland teacher who sent photos of students to a paedophile friend has been deregistered by the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal.

The relief teacher, whose name is suppressed, took photos of students involved in the school’s “Book Character Day”, where many dressed in fancy costumes.

In September, 2011, he emailed the photos to a man, identified in the tribunal ruling as Mr C who the teacher described as his “soul mate” and “best friend”.

Mr C had previously disclosed to the teacher that he was sexually attracted to children, including toddlers and babies.

He had been aroused by his naked son and had restricted access to his children, with a Family Court judgment limiting his contact to a monthly non-visual Skype call.

He had also been investigated by police to see whether there had been any criminal conduct involving his son. No charges resulted from this investigation.

On March 2012 the teacher sent Mr C a PowerPoint of paintings depicting 40 images of young toddlers and babies.

In the email he referred Mr C to some images that resembled his son.

The tribunal said the teacher failed to act in a manner expected of a registered teacher in sending the September 2011 email, “given what he knew about Mr C’s attraction to children”.

He was censured and his teacher’s registration was cancelled. He was also ordered to pay $3565.16 costs.