Through no fault of their own

For many Kiwi blokes childhood is not a time of happy memories but one marked by trauma of such magnitude that it affects their life and the lives of future generations.

Through no fault of their own, their life becomes a struggle to overcome the hurt they have experienced at a young and vulnerable age.

Better Blokes is working hard to break the cycle of childhood sexual trauma among men. Over his lifetime, one traumatised child can have a significant social and financial effect on society. Breaking the cycle, one man at a time, has a far-reaching effect and can change the lives of family, friends and generations to come.

Over the last four years Better Blokes has changed the lives of many Kiwi blokes, but we’re far from done. One of the biggest barriers to recovery is stigma and discrimination.

Stopping discrimination and advocating respect, rights and equality for men who have suffered childhood sexual trauma is as important as providing the best programmes and therapies.

As a charity, we remain focused on our vision that New Zealand will be a better place for all if Kiwi blokes feel ok about dealing with childhood sexual trauma and that as a society we understand and accept the importance of this.