Big Buddy Mentoring Fatherless Boys

Big Buddy mentoring works on the simple philosophy that boys need good male role models in their lives to become good men. For many reasons, lots of boys in New Zealand don’t have a father and while mothers do a courageous job raising boys alone, they can’t model maleness. And above all else, boys learn through modelling!

That’s where Big Buddy comes in. Since 1997 we have carefully screened hundreds of volunteer men from the community and matched them with fatherless boys aged 7-14. Big Buddy mentors spend at least 2-3 hours a week with their Little Buddies, doing whatever they both enjoy – usually simple stuff like walking on beaches, throwing a ball around, making things and visiting places. The important thing is that the Big Buddy shows up regularly in a boy’s life and take a real interest in him.

Big Buddy