Artist MIc Eales talks about suicide

In this article in the in the Sydney Morning Herald ( below) artist MIc Eales talks about his own experience of attempted suicide and his work in suicide prevention.

Psychological pain is self perpetuating. Psychological disturbance causes dysfunctional behaviour that causes further psychological pain. This pain results in compensating or self medicating behaviour that results in even more pain. Mic Eales sees art as a way of breaking that vicious spiral: art brings pleasure and becomes something positive to direct ones attention into.

“That’s not an unusual occurrence. A lot of people who have been bereaved by suicide end up thinking about suicide.”

His studio is on a five-hectare farm in Mellanganee, west of Lismore, and his works are on show in Melbourne. Eales was at university studying art when he made plans to take his life but then started seeing a psychologist and counsellor.

“They were asking me questions and I was avoiding them and I then started making the artworks about my own experience of suicide,” he said. “I couldn’t focus on the negativity. I needed to find some life-affirming quality.”

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Author: betterblokesnz