1. Calm down. 2. Relax. 3. You are overreacting. 4. You are too sensitive. 5. Don’t cry. 6. It isn’t personal. 7. Don’t take it so seriously. 8. Someone’s life is worse than yours. All of the above comments are invalidating and make you feel even more upset. ThereContinue Reading

The purpose-driven life is arguably the most fulfilling life, but new research suggests it may also be a longer one. Researchers analyzed data from nearly 7,000 people, all age 50 and older, who were part of the Health and Retirement Study (HRS), a national observational study that included a “life-purpose” questionnaire. Questions ranked how strongly theContinue Reading 3. Apologize to your partner; you know what you did. In the words of Ogden Nash, “When you’re wrong admit. When you’re right, shut up.” Know that every fight is brought on by pride. Don’t debase yourself, but humble yourself. 4. Read poetry. Here’s The Writer’s Almanac which puts an approachable poemContinue Reading

People in their teens and early 20s start out reasonably cheerful. Gallup, a pollster, asked a representative sample of people in 158 countries to rate their life satisfaction on a scale from zero to ten. The data reported by the authors of the World Happiness Report, an academic study backedContinue Reading Don’t ignore the conflict. The first step is recognizing that there’s a debate to be had. When someone challenges your ideas with some of their own, it is time to engage. That doesn’t mean that you defend your ideas to the death, but ignoring debate isn’t healthy for theContinue Reading