Psychology Today: Why You Should Embrace Your Inner Introvert. Thoughtful, curious, insightful. The introvert communicates well in today’s digital world because they actually read what others write. They think before responding. Their answers can be succinct, insightful, and helpful. They tend to keep up on news and trends becauseContinue Reading Dr.Jackie Turton Abstract Successful risk management within child protection is problematic and in many cases is a delicate balancing act between parental and children’s rights. Reversing the expected gender roles creates a dynamic that may increase the difficulties of risk assessment even further. This paper focuses on women whoContinue Reading

The Guardian: Misogyny, violence, racism, classism: the toxic forces behind our shameful poverty rates. Misogyny and violence are not the only forces that keep certain people in poverty. Racism, classism and discrimination play their dangerous parts too. Australia’s history of racism and violence carries a shameful ongoing legacy. While AboriginalContinue Reading