Ken Clearwater, a national advocate for survivors of sexual abuse, is speaking on a panel at the summit today. “Our biggest problem or issue, is that male victims of sexual violence or domestic violence are not seen as a problem and that nobody seems to be interested in talkingContinue Reading The concept of sex addiction gained traction in the 1980s, when Patrick Carnes published “Out of the Shadows,” one of the first books to identify compulsive sexual behavior, a problem he likened to an addiction. Soon, treatment centers, 12-step programs and other resources grew around this new label, despiteContinue Reading Of course, the issue of the sexual abuse of boys is bigger than the Boy Scouts, but we often don’t hear about it. Indeed, because the number of girls and women who face sexual abuse is much greater than that of boys and men (23 per cent of womenContinue Reading This data summary is one of six produced by the NZFVC in 2017. The other five data summaries are concerned with Family Violence Deaths, Violence Against Women, Children and Youth Affected by Family Violence, Adult Sexual Violence, and Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Sexual Violence – Perpetration by Gender.Continue Reading