The following aspects are – as shown in existing studies for an overview see [27,28] – the hallmarks of a successful prevention program: –  Prevention measures are directed primarily at adults and only secondarily at children and youth; this puts the responsibility for the protection of minors from sexualContinue Reading The “safe place” technique is an intervention designed to help children cope with their fears. The strategy can be taught and practiced during counseling sessions so that child victims of sexual abuse can implement it outside of counseling when fears arise. Counselors start by providing information to children (and,Continue Reading Furthermore, the existence of rape myths has been shown to negatively impact victims of sexual assault. Through the perpetuation of victim-blaming, rape myths can retraumatize survivors and discourage them from reporting their assault (Edwards et al., 2011; Kassing et al., 2005; Proto-Campise et al., 1998). Male rape myths inContinue Reading The 2013/14 Crime Survey for England and Wales estimates that there were approximately 116,000 male victims of any sexual assault in the last year[1]; while the survey also estimates that there are approximately 9,000 male victims of rape (including attempts) each year[2]. Police-recorded figures show fewer than 3,600 incidentsContinue Reading Epstein came under renewed scrutiny after his lawyer made a secret deal with prosecutors in 2008 that allowed him to plead guilty to lesser charges after federal authorities pursued him for allegedly having sex with multiple underage victims. Epstein, who was friends with the likes of Bill Clinton, DonaldContinue Reading