“So, this is sexual abuse?” is a new child-friendly booklet for teenagers (aged 12 and up), to explore some of the ways in which sexual abuse and exploitation of children can occur today. The main message of the publication is that children are not alone when they have questions.Continue Reading

When survivors feel supported, they can develop resilience. — National Sexual Violence Resource Center (@NSVRC) December 2, 2019 A recently released study suggests that the majority of survivors of childhood sexual abuse are able to achieve what the study calls “complete mental health.” Complete mental Health (CMH) is defined,Continue Reading OCASA development co-ordinator Angelo Libeau said the historically women-only organisation had changed its constitution to work with people of all genders. “There was a of complexity around what it actually means to be a safe space for survivors. “We said `if we’re going to make these changes, can weContinue Reading Multiple government agencies were called in to deal with a group of young boys caught playing sex games at a Catholic school in the Wellington region. Oranga Tamariki responded to the “distressing” incident – which was described as “harmful sexualised behaviour” – along with the Ministry of Eduction whichContinue Reading

News Hub She appeared in Blenheim District Court on Tuesday where she admitted seven charges of sexual relations with minors and two charges of sending sexual material to minors. According to the police’s summary of facts, the woman began texting one of the victims, asking if he needed a rideContinue Reading Survivors guess there could be several hundred unacknowledged cases in New Zealand, where Jehovah’s Witness believers number 14,000 out of a global following of eight million. A video of the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ headquarters records a manager telling elders everywhere to destroy documents was leaked last year to the PhiladelphiaContinue Reading